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Writers are always told to focus. Clearly differentiate what you’ll discuss. Well, my curiosity could never be contained, so this newsletter is going to range far and wide.

That said, it will certainly be driven by current events - which is to say, yep, this is yet another newsletter with individual takes on politics, economics, culture, etc.

You’ll find I lean liberal, but nothing in this complex and confused world is so simple that any single worldview or ideology can contain it. Also, by temperament, training, and experience, I’m a journalist - which means I believe in a fair-minded and well-researched approach to public affairs.

Putting this all together, while I have some fixed commitments, I’m also open to changing my mind. Over time, by writing this newsletter, I hope to bring more and more perspectives - including my own - into focus. I’m grinding the lens through which I see the world.

Get it?

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Grinding the lens through which I see the world


Journalism & media production educator, English as a Second Language coach, writer, podcaster. Plays in Peoria.